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At our company “Travel Directions” we have as a priority, the protection of your Personal Data, as part of our philosophy. We know that trusting us with your personal data is extremely important for you and we try to be as transparent as we can in the way we serve you. Our company Travel Directions is compliant with the General regulation of the European Union EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, on the protection of the natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR). The current Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data, is aiming to help you understand the way of collection, use, sharing and protecting of your personal data.

The collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by us is based on providing our services to you, to our compliance with the governing laws, and sometimes with your approval or our lawful interest.

We apply all necessary technical and natural measures of security in storing and processing your personal data.



“Personal Data “is every piece of information that is collected or stored in a form that can allow recognition to a person.

We suggest to read the current text, which describes the privacy policy, before you give us such information.

The “protection policy of personal data” is part of Travel Directions terms and conditions for all services provided by us. Please note that by sharing personal data with us you agree to our terms and conditions.


In our company Travel Directions, we know how valuable is the protection of our client’s confidentiality and we try to be clear about the way we collect, use, forward, transfer and store your personal data. This policy is a summary of the practices we follow in terms of those data.

The privacy policy is valid for every service that is provided by us and is also valid for all our marketing through our website

Our privacy policy is also valid for the use of our services by either electronic or any other means.

It is important that you read our Privacy Policy with the proper attention, as every time you use our services, you agree with the practices that are described in the privacy policy. If you do not agree to our services, you should not use our services.

Collection of Data

We collect and use personal data to manage your relationship with our business and to be able to offer our services. Some personal data is collected in order to provide you with personalized and improved services.

We collect personal data in order to:

1.  Provide Travel Services:

  • Creation and storage of legal and tax documents according to the current legislation.

  • Reservation, purchase and issuance of tickets of all kinds of transports on your behalf.

  • Reservation of hotel rooms, villas, apartments and all kind of accommodation, as well as payment and management of your reservation on your behalf.

  • Reservations and purchase of tickets for entrance to museums, theatrical productions, archeological sites, etc.

  • We manage lists with personal data of clients for management reasons like for example naming lists of participants in group excursions.

b.  Facilitation for issuance of travelling documents (Travellers Visa)

c.  The conveyance of issuing travelling insurance according to the conditions of the insurance company used. In case

of  accident or sickness you agree that we share all necessary documents with the insurance company, in order to be compensated.

d.  Providing Services regarding to organizing and handling of conventions, exhibitions, business trips, meetings, functions etc.

e.  Chartering of transport means & VIP transfers, according to the terms and conditions of the providers of these services.

f.  Provide travel services (including some or all of the above) for the conveyance of Medical or in general thematic tourism (religious, educational, etc.).

g.  Provide check-in services

h.  Provide unaccompanied child services.


2.  The Improving of our services:

  • So we can adjust our services so they can meet your personal preferences.

  • To share special offers and new services.

  • To be able to provide you with adjusted suggestions that are based on your previously purchased services.

3.  Managing our relationship with you before, during and after our collaboration:

  • Manage client’s data base.

  • To know and manage the preferences of new and repeating clients.

  • We might send newsletters, promote services, or contact you via telephone and email.

  • Managing requests for deletion from our databases.

  • To be familiar and manage preferences of new and repeat travellers.


4.  Improvement of our services:

  • We manage requests for refunds and complaints of clients.


Kind of personal data we collect:

The possible ways of gathering personal data includes the direct gathering of information by you, the collection of data during your visits on our website, or the usage of other services and collection of data for us from different sources.


Information that you provide directly to us:

The personal data that we must ask from you and/or members of your family are the below:

  • Contact details (i.e. Surname, Name, Maiden name, Passport number, Identity card number, telephone, home address, email).

  • Personal data (i.e. date of birth, nationality, place of birth).

  • Information regarding your children (i.e. name, surname, date of birth, passport number).

  • Billing procedure (number of credit/debit cards, Vat number etc.).

  • Loyalty cards for airlines and hotels (member number/code for loyalty programs like miles and bonus for airlines).

  • Preferences and interests (i.e. non-smoking room, preferred floor, type of bed, sports, culture interests).

  • Food preferences and habits.

  • Health documents that are related to your health like allergies, health certificates etc. that may be needed to convey your reservation/s.

  • Questions and comments that have been done during or after providing our services.

The personal data that are being collected and concern individuals younger than the age of 16y.o. are limited to name, surname, nationality, passport number and date of birth and can only be shared to us by an adult guardian. We are thankful for your every action to ensure that your children do not share personal data without your approval (especially via internet services). If though, we receive such data, you can contact so we can program the deletion of such data.

Furthermore, personal data, such as the copy of your passport, your entertainment interactions, your hobbies, health issues that you may have, nutrition habits or if you are a smoker or nor, can be characterized as sensitive. We process such information only if you have shared them exclusively for yourself or for people you are their guardian, if we are forced to by the governing legislation or if you have given your written approval(i.e. in order to provide such a service or to suggest a package that meets your specific needs).


The collection of data directly by you is conveyed when you communicate with us directly via the phone or email or if you provide us with information via any other way, when you choose to join to our offers and programs as well as when you create an account on our website. Below you can see some examples of data that we collect directly by you:

  • Name and Surname

  • Email address

Some of our services, may give the possibility to provide personal data directly to us. For instance:

  • Some of our services allow users to create accounts/profiles. In combination with those services, we may ask you to provide some info regarding yourself in order to adjust your account or profile. For instance, in case you are interested, you can submit some data for yourself, like your name and email address, during subscription to our newsletter or filling of the online contact us form.


Collection of data from third parties:

We may collect data from other sources, like public sources (i.e. Phone books, internet, public catalogs of business associations, unions, clubs, business fields), according to what is allowed by the governing laws. Examples of the data we may collect from such sources are your name/surname and email address.

We may combine all the information we have from you and for you, in order to improve our communication with you and to create products and services of high standard.

We may also collect data for you from social communication services when you choose to connect to those services.

You may choose to not share some kind of personal data, but if you do so it may affect the possibility of using some of our services.


When do we collect personal data?

We collect personal data in various occasions such as:

a.  Provision of travel and tourism services (for the purposes that are described above).

  • Billing procedure and settling accounts for provided services.

  • Various demands, complaints and differences.

b.  Participation in marketing programs or events.

  • Enrolment to loyalty programs.

  • Participation on online and offline surveys (i.e. Client satisfaction survey.

  • Enrolment on newsletters and list in order to receive offers and news via email.

c.  Transferring of data to/from third parties:

  • Collaborating travel agencies, collaborating travel agents, Booking platforms GDS, online booking engines (booking, expedia, etc.) and other booking systems.

d.  Actions via electronical devices.

  • Connection to websites.

  • Connection our company wi-fi

  • Filling out online forms (i.e. booking forms, survey forms etc.).

Third parties that we may share your personal data with:

  • To your travelling sponsor or employer. Our services to you are provide according to the terms of the agreement of your boss or travelling sponsor. Combined with them we use your data in order to provide them with the possibility to manage the needs of business trips, to be able to execute the duty of car towards their employees and to ensure the compliance with the policies. If asked by your employer or travelling sponsor, we may use data with their collaborators as well.

  • To suppliers of any travelling services. Combined with them we use your data (for example Air tickets suppliers, hotels, tickets distribution systems, etc.) as well as their collaborating partners, as demanded for the reservation and provision of travelling services to you or your travelling sponsor. We do not sell information to third parties in a way that allows them to promote their own services or products directly to you.

  • Business partners. We may also use combined with trustworthy business partners. Those partners may use your information to provide services you requested, to try and guess some of your interests and they may provide you with extra marketing material.

  • Service suppliers and third parties that may execute the process of data on our behalf. We might share your personal data with companies that provide services on our behalf, like companies that send mass mailing, banks, credit card suppliers, law firms, postal companies, printing companies etc.

  • We may use data combined with third parties on your request.


There may be cases we share your data with other third parties:

  • To the extent that is necessary or allowed by law. We might share information to regulating authorities, courts and government authorities where we judge that this would be allowed or forced by the law or from regulating or lawful practice or in order to defend our own interests, rights, property or for others.

  • To confirm or apply to the policies that govern our services and

  • To protect the rights, property or safety of our business or business partner or client.


Personal data protection during international carriage:

If you have chosen to travel abroad, your personal data will be shared with third parties, inside or outside the European Union, to countries that offer different levels of protection of personal data, which depends on your destination, in order to provide to you the services that you have chosen, for the execution of our agreement and with your consent.

Please take into consideration that the protection of data and other laws to the countries you are travelling might not be so protective as your country. Sharing of data will be done according the legislation for processing of personal data, in order to ensure the adequate protection of your personal data.

Travel Directions applies all necessary actions to ensure the secure transfer of data to an outside party that is based in a country that offers a different level of protection than the level that is forced by GDPR.

Except the above-mentioned shared parties, we might share information about you combined with third parties, if you provide us with either verbal or written consent or request.

In order to offer you the best possible service, we allow access to your personal data or certain categories of data to our employees, whether they are in the office or in a remote office. To those are included:

  • Management

  • Accounting

  • Sales department


How we keep your personal data secure:

We have taken all necessary organizational and technical means I order to protect the personal data we collect that is related to our services and especially for any sensitive information that may be collected. Our computer system collaborators follow international standards and practices in order to ensure the safety of our offices and the encryption of data.

However, even though we take all necessary steps for your data protection, no web site, no transmission via the internet, no computer system and no wireless connection is always completely safe.


Data storage:

We take all necessary steps to ensure that your personal data will be stored only for the period of time is needed and for the purpose for which they have been collected, or for the period of time that is required according to agreement and governing legislation.


Access, correction and right to delete personal data:

According the legislation in some type of processing of data, you might have the right to ask details that have to do with your personal data and to correct any imprecision that exists.

The correction of your personal data is free of charge. However, if allowed by legislation we might charge you a small fee for the provision of such a possibility. We might deny to go forward with requests that are repeated absurdly, require disproportioned technical efforts, jeopardise the privacy protection of others, is extremely non practical or concern access that is not required by Greek legislation.

If you wish to check, correct, update or delete your personal data that you have provided via our website, please contact the responsible party via a written request to the below address. We will try and comply with your request as soon as possible.



The current policy might be modified according to the valid legislation or for achieving better practices. From our side we will inform of any changes to the privacy policy, to ensure you are aware of any changes. With your access to our services or the use of them, since a privacy policy of such has been posted, you agree to the new practices that are included in the post. The most recent privacy policy will always be on our company website


Questions and communication:

For any questions regarding the current privacy policy or generally for the safety and protection of your personal data at Travel Directions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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